• 4 Jul 2019 3:49 PM | Alison Shapiera (Administrator)

    Compliance Officers: Regulatory change is the biggest ongoing challenge according to the latest Thomson Reuters Cost of Compliance report. Read more...

  • 28 Jun 2019 9:08 AM | Deborah Young (Administrator)

    Our CEO, Deborah Young was interviewed by TAS_Compliance about the importance of RegTech adoption.

  • 28 Jun 2019 9:05 AM | Deborah Young (Administrator)

    Michelle East from Certainty Compliance and Deborah Young, our CEO discuss the opportunities for superannuation to adopt RegTech in the AFR. More...

  • 1 Jun 2019 10:31 AM | Deborah Young (Administrator)

    This week the Singapore FinTech Association announced their RegTech Sub Committee and a new memorandum of understanding with the RTA. This will strengthen and build the eco-system across the APAC region. Read more...

  • 27 May 2019 1:18 PM | Deborah Young (Administrator)

    This move is welcomed by the RegTech Association. We know that great RegTech can make a difference in transparency of information to business decision makers across all industry verticals. RegTech is great news for consumers. Read More...

  • 10 May 2019 10:27 AM | Deborah Young (Administrator)

    ASIC has launched three regulatory technology (regtech) events in conjunction with industry and other stakeholders to promote regtech adoption among Australian financial services organisations.

    1. Monitor, identify and analyse financial advertising promotions to determine compliance (Monitoring Financial Promotions: Demo and Symposium in Sydney on Friday 2 August)
    2. Improve the detection of problematic financial advice in datasets (Financial Advice Files: Demo and Symposium in Sydney on Thursday 22 August)
    3. Demonstrate the capabilities, benefits and costs of applying Voice Analytics & Voice-to-Text (VA&VT) Research and Analysis to regulatory activities (VA&VT Symposium in late 2019).

  • 9 Apr 2019 8:36 AM | Deborah Young (Administrator)

    The RegTech Association exists to accelerate adoption of RegTech. Collaboration is paramount to achieving this. Read more.