Terms and Conditions 2022
The RegTech Association

Mailing list

Subscribing, unsubscribing and editing.

You may subscribe, alter, edit your personal information or unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. This is done via the website www.regtech.org.au

Adding yourself to the mailing list does not constitute membership of the association. Membership may only be secured through the online process, subject to an approval process and with payment via a credit card (see below) or EFT. Memberships only become valid once the payment is reconciled in our finance process.

Please refer our privacy policy for information in relation to your personal information.

Joining the RegTech Association


All applications for membership of the association are available via the website in an online format. You must complete and pay for your membership via this online process.

Notice period and refunds

You will be notified within 5 working days if your membership is granted. Should your membership not be granted in full, you will be entitled to a full refund (less bank fees).

Refunds of annual membership subscriptions are not available either in part or in full once submitted to our system and the tax invoice has been issued. The only exception is where the application is declined according to our approval process.

All membership subscriptions are organisational and are either renewed on anniversary for Foundation Members or on the financial year from applications received from January 2018 onwards.

About membership

A bundle administrator is appointed for each membership subscription. Please contact us if you wish to change your administrator. members@regtech.org.au

Only your organisation's bundle administrator can add contacts to the membership bundle to receive member benefits.

Membership types

Founder-Led RegTech

Members under this type are categorised as small medium and large and charged according to their size (number of FTEs). Please refer the website for the most up to date pricing and FTEs. This membership type denotes an organisation whose primary function is the development of software or technical services in the regulation or compliance industry. These memberships will typically be founder-led.

Corporate RegTech membership

Members under this type are categorised as a corporate or professional services advisory or consulting firm that has developed a RegTech solution. Fees are charged according to size (number of FTEs). Please refer the website for the most up to date pricing and FTEs. 

Corporate membership

Members under this type are categorised as small, medium and large. Fees are charged according to  size (number of FTEs). Please refer the website for the most up to date pricing and FTEs. This membership type denotes an organisation who is a buyer of RegTech technology or who is a service provider to those who do.

Affiliate: Government, Research, Universities 

Members under this type are categorised as described above. They should be recognised and registered as the title suggests. Please refer the website for up to date pricing and inclusions. This does not include any voting rights for board positions or other elections.

Affiliate: Strategic Alliance Organisation

Members under this type are categorised typically as non profit organisations with a stated mission and purpose that is strategically aligned with the RegTech Association. This category is by invitation only and subject to approval. Benefits can only be offered to executive staff of the organisation and not other individuals or organisations that would otherwise need to be members. This does not include any voting rights for board positions or other elections.

Membership directory

Part of joining the association is the community that it creates. The member directory is an active directory of members who may be contacted through the system. It does not display personal contact information but can include website addresses and social media handles if you wish. See below for more detailed information on member benefits. The information held on your directory is your responsibility and is based on the information that you complete on your application form.

You will only appear in the member directory if you are a financial member and you have fully completed your membership details. Failure to complete details means incomplete directory information is available to the general public and other members. It is your responsibility to keep this information up to date.

Financial membership

Membership benefits are immediately accessible following payment via our website and confirmation being received that your membership is approved.

In order to obtain the benefits of membership, you must be a paid-up member at the precise time of the retrieval of benefits. All memberships are annual.

Grace period

There is a grace period following expiry of membership. After this time, your will revert to being a series of contacts on the database and will not be able to claim benefits of membership.

Event attendance

Registering for an event

All registrations for attendance at events that require a fee will be registered by the applicant and paid online via the website by credit card. We cannot guarantee a secure registration for the event if it is not paid via this method. Some events are open to members-only and some for non-members and members in combination. If there is a charge for these events, there will be a member discount applied. Please check the individual T&C for each event.

Event refunds/substitutions

If you are unable to attend an event and your notice to us falls within 5 working days of the event, we cannot offer a refund, but it is permissible to transfer the registration to another person in your membership if it was a member price or to another person if it was non-member price. Please contact us to have the substitution made and please do let us know if for whatever reason you are unable to attend.

Specific event terms and conditions

Please check your specific event in case the T&C conditions note a departure from this specific 5 working day rule. This may happen when we have providers whose policies do not match these and we need to observe alternative arrangements. All events have their own T&C.

Virtual or online events

We may run events and programs online. Access to these events will be given according to the registration types and will be advised either upon registration or before the event itself. While all best endeavours are made on quality of online events, technology problems are beyond our control. We endeavour to record most events, however some may not be.


In Australia all goods and services are subject to a 10% tax. All RegTech Association invoices will be automatically add 10% GST to the total.

Enquiries and contacts

For membership enquiries members@regtech.org.au
For all general enquiries members@regtech.org.au